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PERIWINKLE IS HOME! :)  Small Periwinkle cat / kitten from Blue’s Clues
Posted by: Ekatarin
Lost on: 11/25/2014
Location: Albany, Slingerlands, Capital Region Special Surgery on New Scotland Road
UPDATE: PERIWINKLE IS HOME! I crossposted this to my local Craigslist board. Wanted to say a big Thank You to all the wonderful emails of encouragement and prayers I've received and a VERY BIG THANK YOU to a specific Craigslist Angel who took it upon herself to buy that eBay Periwinkle for my...
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Our LostMyLovey ID Tags were featured in November 2012 on the TODAY show, during the Bobbie's Buzz segment of Kathie Lee and Hoda! Check it out!

Read Bobbie's article on The LOOK/TODAY, or view the video on a larger screen

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