White Valentine’s Day Bear with Pink Heart Nose/Accents

White Valentine’s Day Bear with Pink Heart Nose/Accents

Posted by: xvcrimsajadevx
Alright internet, I'm hoping you can help me:

Looking for a replacement for my daughter's "Teddy". This item was purchased in Calgary, AB Canada at a 7-11 way back in 2008, about a month before Valentine's Day. May have been holding a heart (possibly with Hug Me or something to that effect) and/or had a bow around his neck, and I believe the pick accents of his ears and bottom feet had a layer of white lace on them before they wore off. The fur around his eyes was also trimmed down a little to make his eyes more visible, so the fuzz around them was a little longer; completely black rounded buttons, and not the kind to imitate real eyes.

This Teddy was given to my daughter about a month before her first birthday, and had been her best friend pretty much since. She was absolutely heartbroken to find she had left it at a family member's home, only to find said family member had thrown it out because it was in such poor condition. Doesn't have to be 'Like New' or anything; just something to tide her over until she's ready to move on.
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