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Stuffed Basset Hound Purchased Between 1999-2005.

Posted by: JonniB23
Looking for a stuffed basset hound. Large size dog! About 16”-18” and fairly chunky. Stuffed with cotton for the body/head and beans for the limbs. Had a tag (brand unknown) with gold lettering. I think it may have been Russ Berrie. Similar in appearance to the Russ Berrie Hush Puppies, however the nose was hard and plastic, not soft. He also had distinct flaps over the eyes, giving an almost sad appearance. The eyes were patches. Had a gold and cream ribbon tied around the neck originally.

My dad gave this to me as a little girl and it was my best friend. My stepdad threw it away with every other stuffed animal I owned and I’ve been devastated since. My father died less than a year later and I’d really like my stuffed buddy back to pass down to my baby. It means the absolute world to me!
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