Poppa Panda - beanie baby knockoff

Poppa Panda - beanie baby knockoff

Posted by: Aspen
Poppa panda was a beanie baby or perhaps a TY knockoff. He was 7-8 inches long. His head, arms and legs were stuffed, while his body was filled with clear round pellets. He had a brown nose, solid black back, arms and legs, and a white belly. He was mine since I was three and in 2016 I lost him in an apartment fire. I am on the autism spectrum and I would very much like to replace him as he helped me sleep. He slept with me every night until the fire burned him up.

I believe he was purchased sometime in the years 1999-2001. I was two or three when my parents gave him to me so I don’t have much information to provide beyond that unfortunately. The tags were itchy so I cut them off long before these pictures were taken.

Thank you for any and all help!
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