Pastel Plaid Acrylic Blanket with Nylon Trim

Pastel Plaid Acrylic Blanket with Nylon Trim

Posted by: RelivingMemories
Pastel Plaid Acrylic Baby Blanket with Nylon Trim.

Blanket needs to match image exactly.

I know this site is mainly to find items for kids, and this is probably selfish of me, but I've been trying to find this blanket for half a year with no luck. I had this blanket before I was born; it was something my great grandfather had held me in before he passed. My blanket was ruined in the washer, the trimming having wrapped around the large object in the center. I've been heartbroken ever sense, to say the least. If I could have some help finding someplace that sells this exact print, I would be forever greatful. Thank you. -RelivingMemories
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