Gray bunny with wired ears, maybe jointed limbs

Gray bunny with wired ears, maybe jointed limbs

Posted by: bunny1995
I received the bunny for Easter in 1995, I think. It was gray (or maybe grayish brown) and had beans in the rump and feet. It came with a pink bow around its neck and had wire in the ears so they could be posed. The limbs MIGHT have had joints, so that they swiveled. The feet and paws were white accented. To the best of my knowledge, it was purchased at a department store (so probably wasn't something hard to find at the time). My best guess is that it is Gund, Boyd's Collection, Russ Berrie, JellyCat, or Ganz.

I have never stopped thinking about this lovey, and while I know it won't be *quite* the same to buy a new one, I would really love to find it to put my 6 year old heart at ease.

Thanks so much, for any help!
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