Carter’s Balloon Bear Comforter

Carter’s Balloon Bear Comforter

Posted by: cookieface
Hello!! I lost a blanket of this type when I was in the hospital YEARS ago. I was just thinking about it, and remembering how devastated I was when we realized the nurse had gathered up the blanket with my bedsheets, and it was too late to get it back. It was a long and trying visit, as my chronic illness landed me in the hospital for extended periods. I know I can never get that exact same blanket back, but it was important enough to me and my family that I’d like to try finding another one. My illness is still here to stay, and it would mean a lot to me if I could reclaim at least one important thing I lost to those dreaded days in the hospital.

It was the exact make/brand of blanket in the picture— after a quick internet search, I believe it’s a Carter’s balloon bear comforter. However, I couldn’t find a place to purchase it. The only ebay listing of it was sold over a year ago... Hopefully there’s somewhere else I can get one. There MUST be more of these blankets somewhere, right???

Thank you in advance to anyone who is able to help!!!
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cookieface on Mar 4 2019
It won’t let me edit my post but an added detail: it measures about 33”x42”!