Baby Starters White Plush Blanket Dog face with hanging ears

Baby Starters White Plush Blanket Dog face with hanging ears

Posted by: Mandreabul
Hi, I am in a desperate hunt for a replacement blanket for my 3.5yo son, it was taken from our hotel room by the housekeeper along with the linen when they cleaned the room at our resent vacation, the hotel sent the linen to an outside facility for laundry and unfortunately there was no way for us to get it back as the hotel didn't gave us the info of this facility neither do their best for our blanket to be found! This blanket is very important for my son and
It have been a terrible 2 months without it, even tho i got someone to do a replica he can tell the difference and didn't do the trick for him, he misses a lot his blanket and he still wakes up in the middle of the night to search all over the house for his doggy! is heart breaking to see my son like this, I was wondering if some how you could be able to help me find one, I will add the info that I have form the blanket, i contacted the manufacturing company and they told me it was discontinued a while ago. 

the info on the tag of the blanket says:

Brand: Baby Starters Style: #24538h FTY: #0519 PO: #2737 Its a Plush Blanket, Dog

It is a white blanket i believe ot is a 38"x40" or close to that and in one side has embroidered the eyes, nose and mouth of a dog and has black hanging ears and the other side of the blanket is all white, has nothing on it. And if make any sense each side is a different piece of fabric sewn together at the edges.

Thank you in advance, i truly appreciate any help!

Maria Aboulhosn 

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