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$50 Reward “Puppy Love” Singing Black Dog

Posted by: junebug
When I was about 7-9 my parents bought me a little black dog plushie that sang the chorus of "Puppy Love," though I'm pretty sure it was pitch raised or a female cover. It had a little red heart sewed to its mouth, like it was holding the heart in its teeth. The heart had no writing on it because I remember distinctly thinking the heart was the dog's tongue at one point. I'm not sure if the dog was solid black or black with white markings. My parents cannot remember where they could have possibly gotten him. My grandfather either threw him away or donated him. Any of the searches I've tried on Google have not produced the same plush, thought there are several dog plushes that sing Puppy Love. I had a bit of a rough childhood and have a lot of my memory just gone and missing, but this plush was one of the best things about my childhood.

I will pay you $50 over PayPal if you already have the same plush or find one online that I can purchase. If you give me any useful info to work with I'll help you look for your loveys too as thanks. <3
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