Caltoy Yellowy-Cream Puppy Dog

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Caltoy Yellowy-Cream Puppy Dog

Posted by: StarshipMe
Lost on: At some point from 2007-2009
State/Country: Maryland
Specific Location: Lost at Skycroft conference center in Middletown, MD, during a homeschoolers retreat
The photo I uploaded is of my plush dog, and not my sister's - I don't have any photos of my sister's, unfortunately. But it looks exactly like that, except that the fur is a light yellow-cream color, and I think hers had a blue ribbon instead of a brown one.

It was manufactured by Caltoy, we bought it in Michigan in 2003-2004, it was a huge comfort item for her, and I know she still misses it.

I know the original one is probably long gone by now, but I'd really like to help her find a replacement that looks just like it, and I've looked everywhere.
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