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Protect your child’s best friend. Get a LostMyLovey™ ID Tag!

The LostMyLovey ID Tag is safe identification for your child's favorite special lovey. It attaches to your child’s lovey with a small elastic band, and has your phone number (and optional name) permanently embroidered on the front. On the back is our website and your unique ID number.

LostMyLovey tags are currently not available for sale due to the closing of our manufacturer. We are actively looking for a new one and will make them available for sale again as soon as possible! Please contact us if you need more information about when they will be available again. Thank you!

LostMyLovey ID Tags ID Tag attached to loveys

How many times has your child dropped their most precious possession at the grocery store? The park? A restaurant? Now you can have peace of mind that your lovey will be returned to you if it is found. Never lose your child's most prized possession again - protect it with a LostMyLovey ID Tag! Makes a terrific baby gift too!

If someone finds your lost toy, they can call you immediately - or contact you via our website, using your unique ID. They just type your id number into the website and we send you an email right away.

What’s it made of? The tag is a looped ribbon with medium-weight cotton backing, and is soft enough to be hugged right along with your child's lovey. With no metal or plastic parts, parents can rest easy that this item is lead-free and BPA-free. And the loop makes it a perfect carrying handle for your lovey!

Free Standard Shipping on all U.S. domestic orders - Your phone number permanently embroidered on the front
- Your unique LostMyLovey ID# embroidered on the back
- Made of ribbon, cotton webbing, thread, interfacing, and elastic
- No metal snaps, hooks, or zippers - no lead
- No plastic or vinyl - no phthalates or BPA
- Elastic loop attachment
- Washable (hand-wash)
- Measures 4" x 1 1/2"
- Works no matter where you live or travel
- Free standard shipping on all U.S. domestic orders
- Priority shipping available
- Available in lots of fun colors!


The tag can be used on any item that is important to your child, not just loveys. Backpacks and diaper bags are a great place for the ID tag! The tag is washable too (please hand-wash and air dry for best results).

You're in the airport, your child drops their lovey, and you don't realize it until you are on the plane and it is too late. Anyone traveling anywhere (from anywhere) could pick it up. It could be on its way to San Francisco by now. How would they know where to find you?

If your lovey has the LostMyLovey ID Tag on it, the person who finds it can call your phone number right away. If they don’t get you on the phone, they can visit our website address and enter your unique ID code, sending a message to us. We then forward the message directly to you and start the process rolling to get your item back to you. If you're traveling, you might get a contact on your phone before you even get to your hotel! Anyone with an internet connection can contact us, no matter where they are.

With the ID tag, you get a little more personal hands-on interaction from the LostMyLovey staff than if you just posted a regular Lost Item listing. We personally deal with each and every ID Tag that is found, and can hold your lovey in our office if you are on vacation for example.

It is your responsibility to keep your contact information current. If your information is not current with LML or you are not responsive to attempts to contact you regarding a found item, your item will be donated or disposed of after ninety (90) days.

The tag is made of stabilizer interfacing, ribbon, cotton webbing, elastic and thread. It is made in the U.S.A from some imported materials, and some materials made in the U.S. There are no metal snaps, hooks or other attachments, and no plastic, so no worries about lead or BPA. The tag attaches to your lovey with an elastic band. If your lovey is a blanket, and an elastic band just won’t work, our ribbon version is easy to sew onto the underside corner of your blanket. Click on the item page for more information, and read our easy sewing instructions.

We have done our best in attempting to make the tag compliant with current child safety standards.

The cost covers the tag itself, and all our efforts on your behalf to get your lovey back to you. If your lovey gets lost, you can list your item in our online lost-and-found and it will be featured on the home page free, in the Have You Seen Me? box. The cost does not cover shipping costs for returning the lovey to the Owner. If the Finder will be shipping the lovey to you, Owners and Finders can coordinate reimbursement of shipping fees should they desire to.

The ID Tags works no matter where you live, and no matter where you travel. As long as someone finding your item can get to our website, and you have a valid email address, the tag will work for you.

Product photography courtesy of Aimee Martin

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