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Loveys with ID Tags
Bunny and Cow, wearing the
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As parents, we've all been there. Your child is devoted to their precious lovey and can't go anywhere without it. And those times it gets swept under the couch right before you're trying to get out the door are the most tense of all. And even if you buy an identical backup lovey, it just isn't the same. Your child knows which is the "real" lovey, don't they? The dirty threadbare raggedy one that has really been "loved"!

LostMyLovey was created by Austin, TX website designer and mom Lisa Oliver, whose children dropped their treasured, irreplaceable loveys over and over again in grocery stores, restaurants, and parks; who searched an entire school when a lovey was accidentally heisted in a teacher's pocket; who instituted a house-wide frantic search only to find a lovey deep in a laundry basket; and who survived what was to be the last straw: a lovey's overnight stay at a hair salon, a night when few people in the house got much sleep.

After successfully retrieving her children's loveys again and again by some sheer stroke of luck, she thought, what if they had been gone forever? These loveys were basically members of the family. What if they had been picked up by some well-meaning person who wanted to help, but would have no idea what to do with a ratty old bunny rabbit with no identification?

Thus, an idea was born for an online lost-and-found service where parents could post their lost items in hopes of finding them and reuniting them with their tearful owners.

We are dedicated to reuniting children with their special friends. LostMyLovey.com™ -- where lost toys get found again!

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